Neustar Registry has been at the forefront of the domain name industry for more than 15 years. As an early industry pioneer, we have played an important role in the growth and evolution of nearly every aspect of the domain name space.

What started in 2000 with the .biz domain extension has now grown to nearly 300 Top-Level Domain extensions, 13 million domain names, and countless client success stories. Today, we are the world's largest provider of digital naming services, and we lead the industry in launching, managing and growing Internet namespaces for the biggest global brands and most esteemed world governments.

Along with a passionate team of leading experts and advisors, Neustar Registry offers an end-to-end suite of digital naming services that is second to none. With a unique history and culture, and an approach that puts our clients at the heart of everything we do, Neustar Registry is uniquely qualified to help you to navigate the complexities of today's evolving digital world.

How We're Different

Our people are what make us different. From the first conversation, you'll experience our unique culture and an approach that values relationships and results above all else.

We view every client and partner as part of our extended family — and we're vested in your success. And because we love what we do, you can count on us to make the experience a good one.

Working with Neustar Registry feels different — because it is.


Canon Moves Its Global Site to .CANON

As the .brand movement continues to gain momentum across the globe, this week's announcement of yet another high-profile .brand launch was fantastic news for the industry. Japanese powerhouse Canon publicly announced the transition of its global homepage from to and even created a simple, yet powerful image to highlight the innovative move.

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Google Switches TLD Registrar to .Google Domain

Last week, a significant instalment in that answer became apparent when Google Small Business announced on Twitter and Google+ that Google Domains had permanently moved to the .brand domain name as its primary digital location.

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