Neustar has launched its TLD. Let us be your “go-to” team in support of your .brand transition.

If you’re one of the hundreds of companies that applied for a .brand a few years ago, but you’re still yet to get the necessary support or the ‘big idea’ you need to roll it out, this is for you. Neustar recently took the plunge, launching our .neustar TopLevel Domain (TLD) in order to take advantage of everything that owning your own little piece of the Internet provides.

What We Did

Our transition revolved around a number of key tasks, which together created a holistic approach to rolling out .neustar. These included:

  • Rebuilding our new website on and creating dedicated sites for key business units such as or;
  • Dropping the standard URL shorteners and launching our own .neustar customized URL across all of our social media to build brand and product/campaign awareness;
  • Launching our tool to help our customers find what they’re looking for;
  • Integrating the .neustar domain with other systems and processes, such as CMS and CRM systems, and so on;
  • Testing and analyzing the impact on factors such as SEO and analytics; and
  • Building a dedicated, clear communications program for internal and external stakeholders.

Additionally, all Neustar employees now have a primary email address that’s, as well as all of our alias accounts. We have retained as secondary accounts to ensure all incoming emails are delivered successfully. We also included the option to create unique email addresses. This allows us to set up email accounts for high-profile executives or groups that want to use some creativity and/or retain privacy from external communications.

So Why Follow Our Lead?

Put simply, moving to a TLD gives you flexibility and freedom and has the potential to really help you drive cost reduction and improve profitability. And in a world where your business is becoming more and more online, now is the time to invest in building your .brand as the foundations of your digital footprint for years to come.

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