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To win in the connected world, you have to know who your customers are. It’s the best way to gain the actionable insights that let you both grow your business and guard against threats. We provide an accurate understanding of precisely who is at the other end of an interaction — whether it’s online or offline. As the undisputed leader in the space, we handle 45 billion transactions each day.

That’s critical for our clients. Our four solutions, each focused on a dimension of individual, enterprise, or device identity, can give you the kinds of insights that no one else can.

Neustar Holistic Identity: The OneID System

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Things That Everyone Has
  • Online or offline customer data only
  • Identity fragments only
  • Ability to integrate and organize online only data
  • Unverified addressability to household and individuals
  • Rule-base identity resolutions only
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Things That We Do Better Than Others
  • Over 300 sources of individual, enterprise and device data
  • Identity from the largest exhaust of interactions and transactions
  • Freshest online and offline identity date corroborated as often as every 15 minutes with 11 billion daily updates
  • Verified addressability for household and individuals to the highest stability and accuracy for identity resolution
  • Augmented identity resolution with machine learning and multi-sourced data corroboration
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Things That Only Neustar Can Provide
  • Only identity player corroborating against real-time Caller ID data in the U.S.
  • Leading global routing provider for message delivery
  • Only identity player handling global DNS traffic
  • The trusted identity backbone for communications compliance
  • Only one in the identity space doing hardware and application level ID of devices
  • Only identity player holistically combining people, places and things into OneID System
  • Service over 45 billion transactions daily

Here’s how our holistic identity resolution offerings work together to optimize the customer experience at every touchpoint:


Grow your business using data and insights that help make informed decisions, and guard your business by protecting your brand image.


Grow your business by knowing who your customers should be — and guard it by making sure that prospects are verified.


Grow your business by making sure your digital assets meet performance goals, and guard it by making sure your assets are valid and secure.


Grow your business by making sure your outreach efforts are fruitful, and guard by ensuring trusted communications across devices.

Identity is at the heart of our business. We’re not niche, and we’re not new. We’re an established cross-industry expert, and we can give you the kind of highly accurate, highly actionable identity that gives you the corporate advantage.

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