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Neustar Registry has brought together the industry's most passionate leaders, innovators, and influencers to build a dream team committed to your success. Our team includes experts in domain name strategy, operations, marketing, launch and implementation, policy and compliance — as well as all the underlying technologies that power your domain. Plus, we maintain the deepest knowledge, broadest service capabilities and most influential ecosystem of clients, partners and industry relationships anywhere in the industry.

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A Remarkable Female Entrepreneur Sheds Her Ostrich Tendencies to Find Success and Happiness

An interview with Neustar’s Vice President of Registry, Lori Anne Wardi on how she made it through the maze and found the home she was looking for.

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Becky Burr on ICANN's historical relationship with the U.S. Government

In this interview, Neustar Chief Privacy Officer and Deputy General Counsel, Becky Burr discusses key moments of ICANN’s history and its relationship with the U.S.

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